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Shepherds going to Malva request help from LPPS against robbers

Raika leaders listen attentively in a meeting with LPPS on 6th October

Raika leaders listen attentively
in a meeting with LPPS on 6th October

An estimated 100,000 sheep are taken on long-distance migration from the Godwar area in southern Pali district for about nine months out of the year. Although the migration pattern varies, depending on weather and other external circumstances, these herds leave their villages after Diwali and then move towards the Malva area in Madhya Pradesh, up to Jawra and Ratlam. Most of the time they graze on harvested fields and provide organic manure that is very much appreciated by farmers. These systems are extremely productive, but receive hardly any recognition and support.

On October 6th, the Raika patels (leaders of herding groups) invited LPPS director Hanwant Singh for a meeting in which they shared their problems: they experience almost nightly raids by gangs on motorcycles that rob their sheep. In order to protect themselves against these marauding groups, the Raika requested help with getting gun licences issued.



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